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After saving the wizarding world and beginning her successful career in the Ministry, Hermione Granger wanted to ensure that even communities far beyond the wizarding world had the kinds of heroes necessary to fight the forces of the dark arts. She connected with leaders like herself in other communities (magical or otherwise) to pool together all of their knowledge and found the Granger Leadership Academy, a training ground for the next generation of heroes

In order to help conceal itself from those that practice the dark arts, the Academy travels to a new location every year, and invites developing leaders from around the world to converge in one place for an intensive weekend training. Sophisticated protection spells ensure that only those who are true of heart can see this website - so since you’re reading this, congratulations, you already have the makings of a true hero.

Upon arrival to the Academy you’ll immediately be assigned to your new trainee team; teams are assembled so that each trainee’s unique skills and experiences are complemented and strengthened by their team members, and you’ll work together throughout the weekend.

You’ll get to experience all of the things that make time at an Academy most memorable - a Welcome Feast, inspiring lectures, social gatherings, interactive training sessions, an Academy Ball, and even some mysteries to solve. Stay alert, though - global perils are all around us, and you never know when you’ll be called upon to put your new skills to the test.


  • “I have never felt so accepted and immediately belonging anywhere, ever.”
  • “We could learn, challenge each other, and even call each other out when necessary, while still maintaining an atmosphere of acceptance and love.“
  • “I felt safe to be who I was. Not once did I feel scared walking alone or going up to someone randomly to chat with them.“
  • “[It was] a learning environment where everyone was open and caring about one another and their opinions and voice. There was not one moment where I felt like I should hold back or not say what I wanted to say...I loved that it let me get a bit out of my comfort zone, ask questions that I wanted to, befriend tons of people, and even ask for mentoring, something that would normally be terrifying.“
  • “There are not enough syllables in ‘life-changing’ to describe the Granger Leadership Academy. “
  • “GLA was the best leadership conference I have ever been to.”

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