Your entire life you’ve been told stories about great heroes - now it’s time to become one.

The Granger Leadership Academy trains our world’s heroes. You'll join a team, develop your hero skills, and come together to address a great global peril - all in the course of one exciting weekend. Whether you’re just starting to explore leadership or you’re a longtime activist, we guarantee you that GLA will be like nothing you’ve ever experienced.

The Granger Leadership Academy is hosted by the Harry Potter Alliance, the world leader in fan activism.


Registration for Granger Leadership Academy is just $50 and includes two full days of leadership training, three keynote speakers, special guest presentations, a fanciful catered dinner and a wizard rock dance party

Guest Speakers

Speakers include Jackson Bird and Meghan Tonjes.

Awesome Programming

It's basically a mini-Hogwarts for the socially invested leaders of tomorrow! Learn about your community, your self, and how to make lasting change

Friends, Old and New

Meet other people who are interested in what you are interested in - decreasing worldsuck and making the world a better place!

Ready to Join Us?

You’re just a few steps away from becoming an Academy trainee.


Would you like to become a sponsor of the Granger Leadership Academy? Donations are tax-deductible - contact us to learn more.